Has a friend or family member been arrested or indicted for a federal crime?

Do you need qualified, competent representation at a federal trial?

Have you been convicted of a federal offense and are now considering an appeal?

If any of these questions apply to you, contact criminal defense attorney Denzil H. Forrester. Attorney Forrester has practiced in the federal courts for decades. He understands the ins and outs of federal court, whether you’re facing criminal immigration charges or computer crime charges. 

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criminal immigration Charlotte, NC

Our firm is focused on criminal defense, including white collar crime, computer crimes, felony possession of weapons, and other charges.

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criminal lawyer Charlotte, NC

Attorney Forrester has earned many awards during his time in practice and can practice in both, federal and state courts.

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drug defense attorney Charlotte, NC

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Attorney Forrester has worked hard to become a practicing criminal lawyer in the state of North Carolina.

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felony possession of weapons Charlotte, NC

We are here to represent all people charged with a federal criminal offense in all districts of North Carolina.

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Rely on Our Criminal Lawyer

At Forrester Law, we understand that bad things happen to good people. As an experienced criminal lawyer, Attorney Forrester is committed to helping you gain back the freedom you want and deserve, while doing his best to help reduce or eliminate any potential sentencing. After reviewing your case, the criminal lawyer will come up with a specific strategy based on your case in order to get the best outcome. From white collar crimes and drug defenses, to computer related crimes and sex offenses, Forrester is by your side, providing you with his knowledge and experience with the law. If you are in need of an experienced criminal lawyer in the Charlotte, NC area, rely on Forrester Law today. 


Llamenos Para Todas Sus Necesidades Legales (704) 632-9992.

Attorney Forrester is focused on federal criminal law, but he offers other legal services in addition to this. At Forrester Law, we can represent criminal defendants at the state level as well as the federal. 

If you are facing federal charges, put your trust in an attorney who knows the system and has the right experience. Call Attorney Forrester today for a consultation!

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